Freitag, 4. Dezember 2009

UPDATE: Technics 1210 is DEAD - Not more?

Es scheint so, als könnten sich alle wieder beruhigen und aufatmen. Gestern abend wurde über das Facebook Profil Save Technics 1210´s folgende Nachricht an alle versendet:

Hey everyone,

There is still no full official statement released by Panasonic UK but they did release the following information to put and end to the rumours so If you haven't heard.........

the 1200MK5 and 1210MK5 WILL be discontinued leaving the 1210MK5G as the top of the range and most definitely NOT discontinued. It never was a limited edition, just a flagship special edition model. And the 1200 and 1210 MK2 will continue as normal. So now there’s some distance between the MK2 and MK5G models instead having a middle MK5 deck to confuse matters. So it’s vanilla Technics or the more expensive piano black extra pitched blue light luxury model left in the range.

That being said i feel it only fair to change the title of the group once the official statement is made public (unless its to the contireray of the above) maybe to Technics 1200 + 1210 appreciation group or similar, all ideas welcome.


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